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The Lionfish threat to reefs in the Americas is a very real and rapidly expanding problem. It is estimated that the Lionfish invasion began in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew destroyed a shore-front home. The following news articles contain more details about what is being done to contain the threat:

Reef Sighting Map

The New York Times, November 11, 2011: Yep, That's Me on the Tasting Menu, Nov 20, 2010: Products to help battle Lionfish invasion popular with SCUBA Divers at DEMA Show, Fort Myers, FL, Nov 20, 2010: Invasive fish are problem in Keys

Wall Street Journal, Nov 14, 2010: The Lionfish Creates an Uproar, Bringing Out the Hunters

CBS 4, Doral, FL, Nov 14, 2010: The Silent Invasion of the Lionfish

Caymanian Compass, Jul 22, 2010: Pro Divers may get Spears to catch Lionfish

US News & World Report, Science, Apr 23, 2010: Lionfish Invasion Continuing to Expand

National Public Radio, Aug 9, 2009: Spreading Lionfish Invasion Threatens Bahamas, May 8, 2009: Invasion of the Lionfish

NOAA's Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, Feb 24, 2009: Lionfish Invasion: Super Predator Threatens Carribean Coral Reefs


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